Thematic Evenings


Six evenings dedicated to the coming together of artists, scientists, industrialists and representatives from the worlds of publishing to discuss the educational, technological and industrial issues surrounding music technology.

Organized in conjunction with the partners of Résonances 2006.

Orchestration and Sound Databases

Several years of research on signal analysis have led to the creation of a community that is active in the field of music information retrieval. Their applications currently go beyond simple browsing within music catalogues in order to access composition tools.

6:30pm-7:45pm / IRCAM, salle Stravinsky | Thursday, June 1

Virtual Instruments

The use of virtual instruments is becoming more and more widespread for in-studio sound work but more often it calls upon sampling techniques.

6:30pm-7:45pm / IRCAM, salle Stravinsky | Friday, June 2

Adaptative Systems and Interaction

At the heart of the NIME 06 conference dedicated to new interfaces for musical expression, this session allows innovative companies and research centers which develop more reactive systems and interfaces, such as Lemur from Jazz Mutant.

6:30pm-7:45pm / IRCAM, salle Stravinsky | Wednesday, June 7

Scientific Publications: New Perspectives

The question of publishing scientific work is addressed by the Éditions Delatour France, who presents the major elements of their catalogue and, with the SFAM, the launch of their new collection "MusicSciences" co-published with IRCAM.

6:30pm-7:45pm / IRCAM, salle Stravinsky | Tuesday, June 13

New Publications

To conclude of a day dedicated to new technologies for the development of sound and music archives, this session coincides with the publication of the second issue of IRCAM's journal L'Inouï (IRCAM-Léo Scheer).

6:30pm-7:45pm / IRCAM, salle Stravinsky | Thursday, June 15

Education & Mediation Technologies

6:30pm-7:45pm / IRCAM, salle Stravinsky | Friday, June 16